Singaporean girl somehow obliterates the arm of her less attractive opponent in an arm wrestling contest. You know what this means? Yet another husband will go to bed tonight, sexually unfulfilled. Shit aint right.

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A turd cutter with pussy lips. Carl Sagan called it metaphysically impossible. David Attenborough wrote it off as an urban legend. Well fags, today I stand before you with proof. The labia majora de poopchute is REAL.

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Dude's got some balls going to a nude beach with that tootsie roll cock. And speaking of balls... where the fuck is his nutsack? The only thing suggesting that he's even a man at this point is the homoerotic chest hair.

Date: 08/31/11 | Views: 260117 | Category: Picture

If Hector had half a brain, he would've saved his breath and just thrown a bag of pork rinds into the middle of the street. Mexican Tactical Diversions 101. The only e-book ever worth reading.

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I like how the girl at the end does some fancy hand movements on his cock, keeping things professional and massage-like, rather than giving him a straight up handjob. In her mind, she's only 1/2 a whore. Cute.

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Alabama. Hot chicks there seem to be a rarity, and when these fat fucks stumble upon one they simply dont know what to do with themselves. Then kick in their instincts: leave the bitch in a sea of exhaust.

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What's to be said? She's a whore with ample time to kill and he... well he unclogs toilets for a living. How could this not end with someone getting their dick sucked?

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This chumpo prefers cleaning ladies, specifically the ones that have to mop up shit stains in the bathrooms at Walmart. He's pretty good at adding to that mess by jizzing all over the toilet seats. Classy.

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Ru Paul, a suicide bomber and a displaced ginger... all gawking at the perfect pair of titties their mothers never gave em. Bitch is hot.

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You ever see that movie 'In Too Deep' with Omar Epps? Me neither, but if they ever made a pornographic spinoff with a black guy hung like a Brontosaurus... it'd probably look something like this.

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Some women need dildos to get off. Others need fists. And then there's Shirley Stankpuss, who takes no less than a traffic cone to reach her O. That's a kidney buster for sure.

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Fuckin hell, she's hot. So hot I'd give up my limited edition Tony the Tiger Nike Dunks just to have a lick on the crotch portion of her latex whorefit. Feel free to blush bitch, it's the compliment of a lifetime.

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Four milfs stand naked behind a cardboard wall that reveals nothing more than their twats n' knockers. Objective? Sniff the vaginas, locate mom. Prize? Getting to sniff mom's vagina. Sign me the fuck up.

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Immobile fatty pays a visit to the local Walmart to stock up on war novels and V8 Splash when fate sends a pantiless milf his way. Hopefully the Mrs. is nearby. He's gonna need a diaper change after that encounter.

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She's trying to get off with one of those rubber cocks that have suction cups at the base. They're supposed to be good for hands-free fun but this broad's clam is so tight that the dildo wont stay put. Kinda hot.

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Remember THIS GUY? He's back for round dos. Not sure why he longs for the approval of random black chicks. His cock is a caterpillar compared to the dongs these bitches are accustomed to. Give it Uncle Fester.

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Skip to the end. He came. They're done fucking. Shows over. OR IS IT? This is one of those girls that cums big but barely makes a peep. The only real indication is her post-sex Michael J Fox spasms, and plenty there are.

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A pleasant reminder that in Mother Russia, if a woman opens her mouth to do anything other than suck dick or eat Shashlyk, consequences will be had. We stand to learn much from these beautiful people.

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This is quite possibly the most half assed attempt at eroticism to ever grace my computer monitor. Mind you this is coming from a guy that's sat through all 18 volumes of College Scat Girls. My voice matters.

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HOLLY HANNA puts her stink box on the line with her state of the art fuck machine. It certainly brings in the tips but I worry for the well being of her shit hole. She's on a fast track to a life of Depends.

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